Winter is coming! – Why servicing your hot water system is important

Jul, 2016

By regularly servicing and maintaining your hot water system you could effectively double the lifespan of your system!

During a service, our plumber will inspect these two main elements:


1. Sacrificial Anode

Sacrificial Anodes are located inside the hot water tank and are used to draw minerals and impurities away from the main water supply. Approximately every five years or when it has developed rust is when the part needs to be replaced.

It is an important factor in prolonging the life of your system as it is one of the main causes of hot water system failures.
Replacement of the sacrificial anode should be left to a licensed plumber as it is located inside the hot water unit which contains boiling hot water and in some cases is connected to electricity!


2. Temperature Relief Valve (TRV)

Temperature Relief Valves are used to control the temperature or pressure of the water inside the tank. A functioning TRV will stop the temperature from getting too high causing the system to split or in some cases explode!

If you notice the valve to be leaking water the part will more than likely need replacing.

Feel at ease this winter knowing your hot water system is in correct working order.

Call us today to service your hot water system!